Da Vinci - A Scaleable Architecture for Neural Network Computing (updated v7)

In this presentation, we introduce microprocessor trends, describe two distinct eras of computing usage in training AI systems and show the wide variety of computing architectures in computer science. We also explain our advanced computing and artificial intelligence product portfolio, which focuses on innovation, continuous dedication and backward compatibility. The central part of this talk gives insights into our Da Vinci architecture, descriptions of all building blocks, the core architecture and its micro-architectural configuration. Last, we show how we execute artificial intelligence projects and the challenges that are still ahead of us.

Additional content:

  • Information on the applicability of artificial intelligence in modern medicine
  • Insights into the end-to-end life cycle of AI implementations in projects
  • Details of our software stack
  • Additional background information in the introduction section
  • Shows comparisons of different processors for AI
  • Describes how AI processor architectures will shift in the future
  • Describes the basic principles of Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Shows the advantages of our special compute units for AI
  • Shows Mind Studio in more detail
  • Shows an excerpt of listed models of our Model Zoo
  • Advises on how to start with our Atlas 200 DK developer board
  • Additional application scenarios for artificial intelligence (upscaling and colourisation for video footage)
  • Information on our chip enablement layer and used computing language
  • Detailed instructions on how to prepare the development environment, the SD card image and the installation of third-party packages
  • Detailed description to create the first project: Colourful Image Colourisation
  • Object detection
  • Body pose detection